Drunk driving rates failed to hold up the driver market

Study: a handful of owners do not doubt the driver

as the car fly into the homes of ordinary people, private car owners more and more. Due to the debt, minority owners of the ordinary way does not take hupenghuanyou will drive away. Analysis of the industry, with the advent of service periods, with car owners against many drunk driver is in big demand.

However, due to the lack of industry standards, most minority owners are not willing to accept "wine future generations drive" business. Press Conference for 12-bit random interviews found that owners, 10 said they do not doubt a stranger after getting drunk-driving, two others said that if the car companies must understand and able to withstand up to their assigned employees to chauffeur.

unnamed chauffeur company as people say, recently added chauffeur business, new owners are numbered. A few owners would rather believe the familiar driver, chauffeur company does not doubt on track. "Due to the lack of specifications, guerrillas driver business busy, could pick up some wine driving business for future generations. ”


drink-driving tips

tricks: acquaintances

many owners reflects special present, are no longer rush to drink on the road.

If it really needs to deal with, ordinary family friend, accompanied by Ms and a few owners would pick because women easily avoid drinks trapped.

trick two: Home

reporters recently in JI Hua Liu Lu, some entertainment venues understand that fear traffic police check cards, many car owners choose to take a taxi. According to a JI Hua Liu Lu culture town security guard surnamed Chen introduced, compared to the previous, stop in here all night car increase, many came to consume customer second gift car. Many owners do not know the driver company, but will save taxi radio call number, urgent to deal with drink-driving.

trick three: pay-driver

drink-paid chauffeur also became part owner of the drink the way home, but the proportion of small, selected such way to have dealings with chauffeur company, maybe pick and I am familiar with full-time drivers supplemented by payment methods made chauffeur service.

bottleneck: industry standard cold driver

at present, the chauffeur and no service standards or local regulatory, chauffeur company relied on self-discipline to ensure service quality. Driver drivers error and attack any traffic accident, there is no bondage related industries, only after agreement to bear unilaterally. In practice, a drunken man, unable to distinguish between Forms of contract, hard through contracts to ensure their own interests.

many wine driving service for future generations, since the contract with a small amount of the exemption conditions, it's hard to really safeguard the interests of one. Even the recent crackdown on drunk driving, drunk driving business is only consulted the surge, practical business add much.

wine offspring driving free specification does not explicitly rule scenes starting at too high a barrier to its pace. Now Foshan free specification is basically "hundred" started, chauffeur service with far higher than "go home by taxi and taxi to pick up the car the next day".

police: wine inspired future generations add driving accidents

Foshan City police for drunken chauffeur business, is a major wrist adds drunk driving accidents. Just a chauffeur company has a business license, drivers who have the talent to drive their own cars.

the Ministry of public security traffic management Bureau has told recovery, requested treatment drinking and driving, implementation of driving pleasure. But since there is no detailed local served as a policy and measures, no more locally as a supervising driver, chauffeur service is still difficult to develop the role of added traffic accidents.

experts think understand specifications and requests for chauffeur service, making relevant laws and regulations, fair guide and regulate "wine future generations ride" is necessary. Meanwhile, drunk driving enterprises to build brands, talent won the owner's approval. Some conditions of taxi companies and brand itself childish, wine offspring driving business, customers by way of taxi brand doubts, adding a driving under the influence of social damage


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