Xian drive needed for future generations of wine specifications

"Half mouth can't drink, drive around. "Recently, this sentence into the wine on the table renders the highest sentence. Xian City Public Security Bureau traffic governance detachment steles Brigade big Captain Zheng Quan province notification reporter, since national severe regulation drink driving traffic law-abiding behavior special moves expand yilai, effectiveness very clear, yiqian police duty, if met accident, most and wine driving off can't relationship, if assault reflection wine driving, each late up to three or four up, now, the Brigade each late out police eighty or ninety people, January within only check to a cases wine driving who.

crackdown on drunk driving on Thunderball, the public was almost rewarded with applause, but others expressed disappointment because Chinese diet culture, no wine, no seats, short of the wine, dinner party less atmosphere. In order to appeal to this defect, country wine offspring driving market came into being, some can be described as hot. According to the Guangzhou daily news: "five times a night to drive different cars after a police inquiry gang, was the driver. "Xian drive business vision? Reporters interviewed a number of private owners, hotel, forest Police Brigade. His response, drunk driver, Xian cold case.

suspected missing

most of the owners said to the chauffeur "no"

Wang Jiayou Jin Yuan, the new century property management company as people, when it comes to drink driving, his first response was: "not to drink driving, driving not to drink. "The reporter asked: suppose a drinks reception will not find chauffeur company, he admitted:" I will not. "Since this is a special service, personal wealth many topics such as peace, groups involved. If I drove out to drink wine, plan there are two: first, parking at the hotel, take a taxi home; the second, get a friend to help. Said Wang Jiayou, objectively, the drunk driver a degree of market prospects, but how to carry out, topic a lot, the driver assumed solely relying on the company, a real trouble, not a dinner to find another company to help drive issues two unknown company insider, suspect poor set up. Assumption is that hotels do this business, well, does the hotel have an entity, a topic dealing with.

Wang Huaning, the fourth military medical University doctor. On the driver, he said: there is a market, but demand is not very big. Doctor Wang said I had exchanged with friends, prospects do not look good on it, reason, 3:1, chauffeur company credibility? I don't know. So I entrust the personal safety and property security such a collective, it is better to take a taxi to time; the second, chauffeur company current situation is difficult, that there are no clear monitoring mechanism. Natural causes of disputes and problems; third, the dinner itself is a very private thing, planning to find the driver, the message is too big, many people do not suffer.

who says being "people of Xian" teacher Lee on driving business responses dull. He said, generally, has full-time driver of staff is not has this topics of, for career conduct, drive of driver never drinking; needs generation driving of General is private car owners, on I of car many people is care of, car rub about, and scraping about will is love; say, each groups drive habits not as, some owners not willing others moving I of car, so, generation driving appearance seems a service, but involved to many details, analogy car sent provoked accident do? Traffic law is liable to do? Group property lost do? Because some things are nonsense, bad finds that it includes too much outside the topic. So busy looking for the driver rather than completely change concepts, motorists not to drink and not to drink-driving. My friends dinner is now becoming more sensible and civilized at the table, not to drink, but prompted motorists not to drink!

reporter interview a number motorists, on driving business, most people hold suspicious attitude, principally because of suspected missing, someone even said: "I got into unconsciousness, he plot against me, what will happen? ”

Dr Charles YEUNG is in Lintong, auto station, on the driver, he was interviewed only people who hold certain attitudes. He said that about most people, is hard for temperance in the dinner, and drinking and driving, it was a double whammy thing. Because the task links his knowledge on this subject more than others, people drinking and activity of nerve is very dull, natural land along with flexibility. So wine descendant drive a certain market, you should say belong to the sunny, if can do it at the beginning of the creation of standardized, prospects will be very good. Dr Charles YEUNG think wine driving business for future generations, hotel is the most suitable, due to host dinner in the hotel, once a certain level constitutes a contact, hotel assumptions can further provide this service, it is better.

too many entanglements

most hotels don't like

reporters interviewed local hotels, and surprise, several hotels said they have no interest.

the journalist to the five-star Shangri-La Golden Flower Hotel Xian hotel, the King Dynasty Hotel Hotels Hotels Fang Lin Yuan, Datang Furong garden, the Sheraton Xian hotel four star Crystal Island, Zhi-Hong Kong City Hotel, Shaanxi hotel called, asking whether "wine future generations ride" business, all replies is "no". "Hotel staff said about to consume the host, parking is free of charge parking, if for drink-driving, vehicle suspension hotel car park, turn left again. This business about hotels can be created, the hotel "concierge" staff said: "it is not clear. ”

Zhao Youguo Changan investment groups, one true love's boss when it comes to wine driving problems for future generations, his idea is that this is a very comfortable business involved topics many slightly incomplete details if there'll be a dispute, so on this business, the company temporarily without thinking. As a service industry, they can only extend from other services, such as drinking master layout to sober up, or providing taxi services, parking services, and so on.

teacher Lin is a hotel as people, about whether alcohol driving business for future generations, his attitude is resolute: "absolutely not. "He said that currently the majority of lawsuits not arising from charging owners parking, warning him not to try this business, even the hosts receiving high salaries will not. From: "too much wrangling, the gains. ”

refusing to drive after drinking

familiar levels are improving

reporters to the forest Brigade of traffic control detachment of XI ' an interview, Captain Zheng Quan said: "alcohol driving perhaps there is a market for future generations, but assume that everyone can drive without alcohol, drink driving an agreement, then the prospects do not look good. After treatment, effectiveness once had. This task is not the average person to understand wind as long as two months, but a long-term mechanism is durable, I believe that, through their own individual hard work, drink-driving traffic to law-abiding behavior will be less and less, everything there is contrary to the Mission of us is struggling hard in the beginning, but the end is toward a good direction. ”

forest of secret political police brigade Sun Benli informing the journalist: "as the police can best perceive the terrible results of drinking and driving, because before each drunk driving accident has a series of tragic stories. These days, our community into the unit, and lectures, design tips, Kennel Club Board; calling area, city departments and units on the driver drunk '' signature '' rebuffed Brigade out to eighty or ninety police positions per night night Cha ... ... Now, police around 80 people per night, but can not find one drunken driving, which is improving. "Police Luo Zhennong, Jiang Yiwei said:" there is a saying that good, lies 1000 times come true, that fallacy to say 1000 times? After Dale's advocate and tough regulation, members of the public reject drunk driving awareness is increasing. ”

after a reporter learned that currently of XI ' an alcohol driving institutions for future generations, but they left out.

present situation on the spot

Advanced legal lag

wine offspring can drive work? Top ten lawyers, reporters interviewed on this subject in XI ' an city, Shanxi Jin dysprosium Liyi law. Liyi lawyers say invalid chauffeur service is increasing drunk driving road, has an active meaning. Difficult current situation: ahead, law lags behind. Essentially, drinking and driving behavior is owner and paid the driver who is a civil contract between contacts. Now, adjust the right to unilateral interests does not understand the laws and regulations are pending further standards. From a legal perspective, contact the civil contract unilaterally maintain the following legal topics and legal risks, it is worth to think about.

first, the effectiveness of the contract subject. Although contract of made, has written way, and action way and other way, although General drinking, and drunk who offended criminal Shi, China criminal will its depending on for General people meritorious service disposition, but in civil category, in drunk Shi as drunk who arrived has cannot free resolution its wills of level, drunk who can has full civil behavior to, can has civil behavior to perfect, this species case Xia drunk who and generation driving people Zhijian signed of civil contract can can advance revoked and so on, deserve further thinking, gradually understand. Secondly, the drunken chauffeur service contract unilateral rights, rights issue. The contract is a bilateral contract, unilaterally in the enjoyment of rights and at the same time, are required to implement the corresponding rights and assume corresponding obligations. Hit the owner's personal peace, wealth, safety, traffic duties, hitting driver collection, protection of rights and interests of the people, therefore demand further emptiness. Thirdly, the implementation of contracts, regulatory issues. Under the form of drunkenness and owners of trucks, truck-wealth does recognize, strange is difficult.

so, truly wines offspring to mount, and perfect relevant rules and regulations, to enable parties to worry about.


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