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In card value added service, drunk driving and inconspicuous, but was able to obtain a cardholder, attentive assistance in a timely manner, to ensure traffic safety has a major role.

Xu XI in the marketing section mandates continuing chagrin, while task 45, liquor has been practicing well, but drink and drive but absolutely not. "I normally work on the drive, sometimes suddenly encounter after work to meet with customers, a business without alcohol, after a few drinks down, I'll just have to take a taxi home. "Xu XI said that most trouble the second underground groups have to subway, will have to go get my car after work, the real struggle. "If someone can call, drove home for me how nice! "Xu XI as if waiting for a chauffeur.

true, to enjoy this humble service is not just fantasy, China, industrial, transportation, safe and Bank of Shanghai and a number of banks have launched a chauffeur service, reserved for cardholders when a chauffeur. When cardholders are drinking when driving not only needs to call the Bank specifically customer service call, will be requested in a timely manner to a chauffeur driver. This car not only to be able to go home for the night, the next day's journey is not affected, can be described as two birds with one stone.

China chauffeur service 18 villages

drivers under the condition of the vehicle, China credit card in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other 18 villages provide book chauffeur service. Cardholders can call China 24-hour customer service telephone 30 minutes early booking and settlement using credit card.

the service by the Chinese credit card core with the AU offer, chauffeur service in the process, cardholders must truck company, and single drunk and unescorted is not providing service.

PCT listing obligations, protect card holders ' interest, details of chauffeur service rules, if the driver in the course of attack traffic accident, Union and connection driver secondary obligation, the Union would bear no award of compensation for the loss of local safe company. Other secondary obligation if the accident, the Union will not compensation, but could assist police investigation and safety claims on behalf of clients.

Joder driving driving violations form the customer vehicle fine, loss of points, customers can claim. If the driver form the vehicle cleaning, scraping, touch and formation of traffic accident vehicle protection, customers can also make the corresponding claim. But if the service delays traffic accident or attack conditions such as loss of customer abuse and other economic and other, not by the way Lao Fangcheng when obligations. Chauffeur in the fuel, road and bridge also needs, such as indirectly received by the customer.

chauffeur free specification for different Chinese credit card, common in about 200 to 300 yuan, Huaxia Bank will be 500 yuan of the card is authorized until after the service is completed, according to the amount of practice to stop pre is mandated to complete, debiting accounts, free of local geographical specifications may reference the Schedule 1.

Societe Generale offered four two driver

industrial core strange credit card provides cardholders with chauffeur service. Service is divided into two kinds, a descendant is a twice-yearly wine drive service, single one way 50 km free 99 Yuan. This service needs cardholders to participate in endless road rescue service on the basis of a year, and road rescue service free of charge for 100 Yuan a year.

no choice "road rescue + 2 driver" combinations of the cardholder, you can think free 180 one way single 50 km chauffeur service. Both services are in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and geographical distribution.

neither of these service rules are rules, if a single driver service exceeds 50 km, then beyond the local specification of 50 Yuan per hour for free, the lack of local press 1 hour 1 hour.

half an hour earlier with Chinese credit card compared to the book, Societe Generale chauffeur service required card holders earlier offers. In accordance with the rules of service, the cardholder needs 3 hour booking early, if you need to undo service, must be 90 minutes earlier informed, otherwise will be charged 200 specifications at a time "withdrawal of consumption." Schedule a free waiting time of 20 minutes at a time, beyond the local press charged 50 Yuan per hour, the longest waiting time for 3 hours.

Shanghai Bank to ride free

Shanghai Bank Platinum credit card cardholder can enjoy every day once, annually and unlimited complimentary chauffeur service. Downlink staff introduction, Platinum offers complimentary chauffeur service there are regional restrictions, such as regional needs within the outer ring of Shanghai, one way shall not be more than 50 km, but also, cardholders must itself as a service vehicle drivers on the day. If the cardholder needs the driver area is not within the service areas, service trailer instead of wine ride service for future generations, cardholder vehicle drag tool.

and Societe Generale chauffeur service instead, cardholder needs early 3-hour call service central reservation, to undo the service for up to 90 minutes earlier informed, otherwise will be charged 200 yuan each time, "withdrawal of consumption". Free driver re-routed the maximum interval is 50 kilometers, beyond local expenses, cardholders receive an 50 Yuan per hour, the lack of local calculated per 1 hour 1 hour.

in addition, the Bank also provides business driver for Platinum service, cardholders can enjoy 5 free services in a year. According to the service rules, business chauffeur staff efficiency of labour should not exceed 8 hours a day, daily intervals not exceeding 200 km. Strange, cardholders are required for the driver of the vehicle on the day.

the need for attention is that business driver needs 3 days-24 hours in advance reservation, chauffeur in the process occurs via the bridge, highway tolls, parking fees, fuel costs covered by the card holder. On outside the limits of cost, if intra-city service, then to 50 Yuan per hour, for long-distance service, that service starts with means for offsite, then 2 Yuan/kilometer charge.

debit cards can also provide chauffeur service

true, provide chauffeur service in addition to credit card, a debit card can also provide cardholders with chauffeur service, if necessary. Shanghai Bank launched the concept of owner financing debit card--AUTO card is one of them. Card holders offer one-way wine descendants of maximal within 50 km of driving cost free service. Cardholder needs 3 hour booking early, every day once a year to enjoy the free service. If driver attack temporarily changed, changed location to within 30 km, just 90 minutes earlier informed.

in addition, down Platinum credit card instead, AUTO debit cardholders can also enjoy 5 times a year business chauffeur service, business driver, including daily maximum 8-hour, interval of 200 km of free driving pleasure.

Huaxia debit card additional chauffeur service for VIP customers, cardholders are able to redeem services. Call the service hotline, 1 hour in advance (the peak time is 2 hours earlier) book. Chauffeur service details for lower prices within the A30, charge 5 Yuan per kilometer on out of service area, free waiting time is 20 minutes, beyond the local press charged 50 Yuan per hour.

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